Sunday morning as I watched my husband loading his campaign signs into his trailer, I was struck with an incredible sadness.  Not so much for the man that had worked so hard to gain a spot on the city council but rather for the passion, knowledge and emotional stability that was lost by not having such a talented person serving our community.  

Over the past six months I watched my husband become consumed with his passion to do what was in the best interest for SMD1 and San Angelo overall.  He was available to everyone, anytime, anywhere.  And many of you called him with concerns and issues; anything from dirt blowing from a development or neighborhood golf cart limitations, to more complex issues such as working with Frontier to secure 60 jobs, daily rentals or code violations.  He willingly took the issues and worked hard to bring them to closure or move them closer towards an amicable resolution.  He did this NOT for personal gain or recognition, but rather for the good of the community and the city. 

Trinidad lost his bid for a seat on the city council Saturday night.  He accepted his loss.  The voters had spoken. Trinidad will go on.  He will find other challenges to occupy his time, other ways to serve.  That is his character.  I am sad to say that I believe San Angelo has lost a tremendous opportunity to have someone of his caliber and dedication serving on their behalf.  And yes many of you will say that because I am his wife, of course I would say that.  To you I can only say, YES, you are right.  But it is only because Trinidad is who he is, that I AM his wife. 

To you folks, those of you that placed their confidence and trust in Trinidad, I thank you.  To those individuals that supported Trinidad, either with votes, contributions or simply moral support, I thank you.  It meant a lot to me and certainly to Trinidad. San Angelo is our home.  It is the place where we grew up, the place that we chose to move to for our retirement. 

Letter submitted by Marie Aguirre