Pertaining to our most recent ruling by the highest court of our land, in regards to same-sex marriage, the ruling is now part of our Constitution. There are many Americans that favor and oppose the law. Those in favor of the law say or argue that it is their constitutional freedom to choose and be part of such a ruling of same-sex marriage.

Now people need to accept the new law, whether they agree or not with it. Based on their own religious beliefs. The Texas Attorney General has ruled that counties can refuse to issue marriage licenses to people based on their religious beliefs. But in all fairness their work ethics is not being applied. You need to understand that those county clerks that refuse to issue the licenses, they are employees of the county and state and not employees of a religious group. Due to all this present day rhetoric, you have to give our country’s forefathers some sort of credit, for separating church and state. Now just as I will not push my own thoughts, beliefs, wishes or ideals publicly on the marriage of one man and one woman, I strongly believe that those that do believe in this form of marriage should never push their beliefs of same-sex marriage on other people. I also strongly believe and know that, if the work applications do not have certain clauses they should, where they state the do’s and don’ts in them publicly or privately expressing their own personal ideology in the public workplace on the subject of marriage.

Roberto Villescaz

San Angelo, Texas