Earlier this morning, President Trump tweeted that the source for his claim that 3 million votes cast in the last election were illegal was Austin resident Greg Phillips. 

In late November, Mr. Phillips told the Austin American Statesman that his claim was actually something he hoped to be able to prove in the future, not a statement of fact. 


Phillips’ tweet was a statement of what he thinks he will be able to prove once he is able to analyze True the Vote’s 50-state, 180 million registered voter data base when it is updated to reflect the election — not a statement, as it sounded, of what he was able to prove right now. Any legal action will wait for a Trump Justice Department.

Phillips said he thought Twitter allowed that kind of latitude.

“When did a tweet become news?” Phillips told the American-Statesman. “I’m just like a guy. I’m an ordinary guy. There are billions of tweets every single day and because somebody picked it up, made something of something I wrote, all of a sudden the president-elect is talking about me?”

“Seriously, is a tweet really news?” Phillips said. “Isn’t everything on Twitter fake?”

Following is a statement from Anthony Gutierrez, Executive Director of Common Cause Texas: 

"In Texas, we have an antiquated voter registration system that won't even allow a person to register online, many of our voting machines were manufactured around the same time as the original Nintendo Game Boy and our state is perpetually ranked near the bottom when it comes to participation in elections. All of those are very real problems that we can and should be addressing rather than wasting time talking about voter fraud 'statistics' that were literally pulled out of thin air."


Common Cause Texas

Common Cause Texas is the state chapter of Common Cause – a nonpartisan grassroots organization dedicated to upholding the core values of American democracy.