Conexión San Ángelo/ Staff report

SAN ANGELO–A 23-year-old San Angelo man was arrested Monday night on multiple charges following an incident at the Taco Bell located at 3444 Sherwood Way.

Around 11:50 p.m. last night, San Angelo Police Officers were dispatched to the location for the report of an unwanted subject in a Dodge Durango at the drive-thru window.  While enroute, officers learned the driver was threatening an employee and attempting to force the window open.  

Officers arrived and located the suspect vehicle still in the drive-thru lane. When the police officer exited his patrol vehicle and approached the suspect's vehicle, the vehicle advanced slowly towards the Officer’s vehicle, initially stopping about one foot away before it proceeded to move forward and intentionally collide with the officer’s vehicle.  Additional Units were requested to the scene as the officer made contact with the vehicle’s driver and two passengers, who appeared to be intoxicated.  To avoid further risk from the vehicle, the officer instructed the driver to turn off and exit the vehicle but the driver refused.    

When backup police officers arrived, the driver continued to disregard the officers’ instructions and then assaulted an officer who was attempting to take him into custody.  The officer sustained minor injuries.  

Once outside the vehicle, the driver continued to resist the officers’ instructions and he positioned his body against a curb to avoid being handcuffed. Officers issued several more warnings to stop resisting and advised a Taser would be utilized, but when the driver continued to resist, the Taser was deployed.  Officers then handcuffed the driver and requested a Supervisor, camera, and San Angelo Fire Department Medics to the scene, which is standard protocol after a Taser deployment. 

After speaking with Taco Bell staff, police officers learned that after the man ordered food from the drive-thru he began to curse and threaten an employee, refused to leave after he received his food order, and attempted to pry open the drive-thu window once it had been closed and locked.  

The driver, who refused to identify himself to officers, was identified by his driver’s license as Adrian Leon Pleasant, Jr. Pleasant was charged with fail to identify, giving false/fictitious info, assault on a public servant, and criminal trespass. Pleasant also received a citation for disorderly conduct, abusive language and was transported to the Tom Green County Jail. 

Pleasant’s two male passengers, ages 23 and 27, cooperated with officers and were not charged.