Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO–On the heels of the National Night Out event that took place this past week, another one--National Coffee with a Cop Day occurred this morning from 7- 9 at Whataburger, 1830 N. Bryant Blvd. as approximately 30 local citizens showed up to show their full support for their police officers.

Among those were one citizen, Adelina, who sat down with San Angelo Police Officer, Les Byrd.

The second citizen was Mike Bronson who sat with Officer, Mike Hernandez.
Bronson was asked what it meant for him personally to support Lt. Hernandez who is a personal friend as both also attend Celebration Church.
"It means the world to me, he is a good godly, man," said Bronson. "He's been there for me in almost anything I need within the last year or two."

Lt. Hernandez responded with how he personally felt about the community's support for him and the other SAPD officers.
"we usually don't get thanks from the folks we deal with the 10 percenters that are dealing with personal problems, so it's usually negative stuff that we get feedback on," said Hernandez. "Whenever somebody supports us, it makes us feel good about what we are doing."

Hernandez concluded by saying that he as an officer doesn't hold it personal with those 10 percenters who are negative toward the police because it is his responsibility to "protect and serve them" like he does everyone.
"I know later on that they do come and tell me that they are sorry for they way they acted and didn't mean to take out on me." 

Another close bond between officer and citizen was Joe Zapala who has known Officer Rick Tinsley for 20 years.