Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – After Thursday’s press release from the San Angelo Police Department, regarding the arrest of a 16-year-old, San Angelo High School student, who made alleged threats about impending shootings at Central High School via Snapchat, Public Information Officer, Tracy Gonzalez, held a 3:45 press conference to clarify why a partially-masked male subject, holding what appeared to be an assault rifle while posing in front of a bathroom mirror was included in the press release.

While PIO, Gonzalez, answered the media’s questions, when it came to specifics to the local arrest, she could not give details as to the student’s identity since he is a juvenile.


“There is a very fine line when it comes to juvenile offenders, we of course cannot release the name,” said Gonzalez. “Whether or not anything is circulating through traditional media, social media or word-of-mouth by members of the public, we will not confirm any name.” 

As for the South Carolina incident where high school student took a selfie, circulated on Snapchat, Gonzalez stated why it was posted in SAPD’s press release.

“Following the incident at Central, we received, really bombarded, with inbox messages from parents, from students, from people in the community that were sending us a screen shot of somebody who was taking a self in the bathroom and holding what appeared to be an assault rifle, [probably a pellet gun] and that was a very concerning thing.” Once people see this image on a local level posted through social media and it goes viral, they believed it was additional threats that had been made against the local campuses. 

“We were in correspondence with many of the people who had sent in the photograph, letting them know that we were aware of this and that it was not a local issue,” said Gonzalez.

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