Conexión San Ángelo/ SAPD, Matthew Vaughn, contributor

Photos courtesy of Tom Green County Sheriff's Office

SAN ANGELO – On February 21, 2018, San Angelo Police were dispatched to “Paintbrush Alley”, a popular artistic feature in historic downtown San Angelo, for the report of criminal mischief.  

Officers arrived and ultimately took three separate reports concerning the defacement of several religious murals in the area.  Officers also obtained surveillance video of the suspects — video which clearly recorded the defacement of the murals.

Pursuant to the follow up investigation, which included anonymous tips from outraged citizens, Investigators identified four suspects and subsequently obtained warrants for their arrests.  The four are charged with State Jail Felony Criminal Mischief Graffiti.     

The suspects have been identified as Zzyzx Benjamin Anglin, Jr., 18, Michael E. Combs, 18, Brycen Canion, 19, and Ingrid Macias, 18.

As of Monday, March 5, all four suspects were located and arrested.  

This is an ongoing investigation and more information will be released when it becomes available. 

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