Changing the Game
Conexión San Angelo / Jennifer Sauceda / Gregorio Gutiérrez

SAN ANGELO, TX – Chief of Police in San Angelo, Chief Carter who was elected in 2016 has been doing outstanding things for the city. We recently sat down with him and spoke about the things he has done for the community.
In just two years, he has gradually been increasing man power within the police department,” he said.
He decided to go the city council and propose there be more of an expansion of officers.
“Counsel was gracious enough to give us those 5 bodies, now our strength is 171. At that time, I proposed that I would like to have 5 bodies in the next four years, for a total of 20 bodies,” He said.
He also increased the strengths of the narcotics unit in San Angelo and the traffic enforcement unit.
 “One in particular thing that I focused on was increasing the strengths of our narcotics unit. I felt at the time before I took office, that there was not enough emphasis and enough detectives to try to concentrate on some of the problems we had and one of those being gangs and drugs,” He said.
On January 1st, 2018, they recently started the anti-crime unit, which officers used to focus on narcotics. Specific officers in unmarked vehicles and focused on a lot of the crime they’re seeing, which are these burglaries and these thefts based on Narcotics.
He also wants to improve relations between children, teens, and police officers. They are launching an Explorer Program for youths wanting to be a police officer. This is for  kids that have completed the 8th grade and have not reached the age of 21and they’re welcome to sign up.
He is very happy that first responders have been working together to achieve a goal. “They may have a different uniform or a different badge, but the goal is always the same. To reduce crime and a safe environment for your citizens and community,” he said
 “I am thrilled with the community itself with the support like I’ve never seen before for first responders. [Fire Department and Police Department]. You don’t see that in a lot of other cities the size of San Angelo,” he said.