Supporting First Responders
Conexión San Angelo / Jennifer Sauceda / Gregorio Gutierrez

SAN ANGELO, TX – Operation Blue Shield is about helping first responders, with donations and with the Run with the Heroes.

Operation Blue Shield, which was founded in 2008 by Toni Brinker.

“Operation Blue Shield is the only organization in the united states that supports all the first responders. That includes anybody who serves and protects the public, that’s a citizen who steps up and has the courage to do those things,” Robinson said.

Pam Robinson is a part of this wonderful organization and wanted to support first responders.

“I discovered in 2015-2016 that I have taken my first responders for granted all my life and I decided it was time to end that. That I needed to show them how much they’re appreciated and how much we support them,” she said.

She spoke about the “Run for Heroes”, which is the 5K Family Run, which is set for Saturday, September 15, 2018.

“Officers, retired officers, dress up like superman, wonder woman, all the characters that kids love. And their mission if you look at is to enhance the quality of life for children and young adults by developing a healthy relationship between children and cops,” she said.

“First of all, I’d like to tell all the first responders, to thank you and apologize for taking you for granted for so long. Thank you to our sponsors here, you are phenomenal,” she said.

Go out and support first responders and join the run!