Gregorio Gutiérrez, Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo
Araceli Gutierrez Art Design

SAN ANGELO – Mark your calendar and save the date July 19, the San Angelo Downtown Event Center, is hosting a free quinceañera contest and the public is invited to attend.
“We have gathered 10 beautiful girls, the majority of which cannot afford to have a quince celebration, so the Downtown Event Center is going out of their way to do this for them and in the process put a smile on their faces,” said Henry Ramos, associated with the Event Center.
“We are going to a do a birthday party with the help of sponsors including DJ Sancho and people within the community”.  “All our info is on posted on our Facebook.” 
“One of the things that we asked is that the girls must be active in their school, active in church and to give us a good reason why we celebrate their birthday,” Ramos said.

Henry informed Conexión of a young lady who was chosen because of her selfless act of love for her parent. “We have a young lady who from Eden, Tx and her mom has cancer. The mom said, “I don’t think my daughter will be able to see me by the time she turns 15.” “I want to do a quinceñera but I can’t afford it since I am a single mom.” The mom told Henry that her daughter has become her care giver as she bathes her and cooks for her; and helps take care of her younger siblings. “That’s why we want to do this for families which can’t afford it,” said Ramos.

Ramos concluded the interview, saying that the community has stepped up and helped from providing a limousine, to a cake, photographers and catering the quinceñera affair, scheduled for Thursday, July 19.
DJ Sancho, who produced his music video, titled--- “Ponte a Bailar,” will bring his familiar sound of Tejano music, Cumbias, Country music and Hip-Hop.

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