HEMPSTEAD, NY–If you were keeping score in Monday evening's first presidential debate between Democrat, Hillary Clinton and her Republican, opponent, Donald Trump, after two hours Clinton gets the win, based on coming in with a better offensive game plan. 

The first presidential debate, held at Hofstra University, was moderated by NBC anchor, Lester Holt, who attempted to cover the six areas outlined but only ended up discussing a few.

Clinton's executed her game plan with specific facts and figures, attacking Trump on his business record, on not releasing his income tax records and suggesting either he didn't make as much as he claims.

She also appeared to thoroughly enjoy getting under Trump's skin by either smiling or not allowing herself to be baited by his remarks. Where image is everything, Trump came across frustrated and angry, to the point of disagreeing with the moderator, Holt at one point.

While Trump had an ineffective performance, the political experts saw him as unprepared. Clinton's preparation still didn't allow her a free pass as Trump's plan was to hammer away at her being just another politician who "doesn't get it."

Comparing the debate to a baseball metaphor, Clinton scored a close 2-1 victory in the first game of the "World Series of presidential" debates. 

The next debate up is the vice presidential one, between Democratic, Senator, Tim Kaine and Republican, MIke Pence.

The VP debate is scheduled for Tuesday, October 4, 2016. It will be held at Longwood University, Farmville, VA. The moderator will be Elaine Quijano, Anchor, CBSN and Correspondent, CBS News.