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SAN ANTONIO – The U.S. Small Business Administration, San Antonio District Office selected, participates for a thirteen week, executive-level training course. The first session began on April 11 at the Broadway Bank located on McCullough. 

The SBA established the Emerging Leaders program in 2008 to assist entrepreneurs in urban communities, currently over 50 communities across the country has been selected to offer this course. This is the third year the SBA San Antonio District has hosted this training. 

“I am looking forward to another energized, paradigm-shifting year for an inspired group of business owners,” said Hal Brown, Interise Instructor. “My goal is to help them change their way of thinking, so that they may really learn how to set and achieve goals, grow their businesses to a greater level of success in the next three years. This is one of the most satisfying things I do each year.” 

Top (L:R) Christopher Greer, Marcia Winkler, Betty Corona, Jane Gonzalez, Rossie Ortiz, Cesar Cantor, Jeffrey Jaime, Kermit Cruz and Hal Brown.

Bottom (L:R) Ashley Morales, SBA Emerging Leaders Project Manager; Patricia Fierro, Neelu Raman Kaur, Monica Harris and Reynaldo Martinez.

The SBA selected Interise as the national instructional provider for the Emerging Leaders initiative which uses a copyrighted curriculum called the StreetWise Steps™ to Small Business Growth. 

This executive-level training series focuses on small, posed-for-growth companies with potential to promote economic development within their community. The program includes approximately 100 hours of classroom time, connects small business owners with a network of industry experts and peers, and assists with the creation of a three-year strategic growth action plan.

The end result of the executive education prepares and encourages small businesses to move to the next level on their growth trajectory and to help them emerge as self-sustaining businesses that create jobs and build communities.  At the conclusion of the training, entrepreneurs produce a three-year strategic growth action plan with benchmarks and performance targets that will help them access the necessary support and resources to move forward.

Emerging Leaders is for established business owners and is not for start-ups or people who are thinking about starting a business. There are no restrictions on the types of businesses that can participate.

To be considered, firms must be for-profit enterprises, been in business for at least three years, have at least one full time employee other than self, and have annual revenues between $400,000 and $10 million.


This year’s participants are: 

1. Shirley Crandall Crandall & Associates, Inc

2. Jeffrey Jaime Taurean

3. Daniel Barrett Barrett insurance services

4. Patricia Fierro M& A professional contractors llc

5. Gary Zimmerman Aer Potentia LLC

6. Priscilla Contreras TheCCGroup

7. Marcia Winkler Longhorn Office products

8. Betty Corona Alamo and Austin Helicopter Tours

9. Rossie Ortiz SANA INTL Commerce

10. Neelu Raman Kaur Bestica inc.

11. Andy Little ASF

12. Kermit Cruz NBCP Sourcing & Technology

13. Reynaldo Martinez Woodeez Stone & Laser Imaging

14. Christopher Greer John's Landscaping

15. Carl Dugart Vertical Technologies

16. Jane Gonzalez Medwheels Inc

17. Monica Harris Accu Aire Mechanical LLC

18. Cesar Cantor Colmex Services

To learn about the SBA’s Emerging Leaders initiative visit, 

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