Conexión San Ángelo/ Staff report

Austin, TX – Today we have been given notice that the Department of Public Safety (DPS) will no longer charge fees for the forensic testing of DNA, toxicology and drug evidence. Under the 85th Legislature's budget, testing would have previously been an unfunded mandate for counties statewide. The Legislature increased requirements while not also simultaneously increasing funding for DPS so that they would be able to meet these more demanding burdens.

Texas State Representative, Mike Lang worked with Governor Gregg Abbott's Office, Chairman Zerwas of the House Appropriation Committee, DPS and other legislators to ensure a favorable outcome for Texans and law enforcement. 

Given his extensive service background in law enforcement, Rep. Lang is an ideal candidate to lead the charge for the reform of this system. Mike has led a respected and distinguished career, but his commitment to improving the lives of Texans is far from over. With this commitment in mind, the action today ensuring no additional strain on counties statewide is a huge win for the people of Texas. 

Lang stated, "I have served in law enforcement for 30 years and it is something that is near and dear to my heart. I look forward to working together with all who support law enforcement to reform our system and provide funding for this core function of government."

Lang continued, "I will continue to work hard for my district and the State of Texas to maintain the financial integrity of our criminal justice system. This is a top priority for my office and, as a core function of government, I believe it should be for the entire Texas Legislature." Lang concluded, "I do not support unfunded mandates and I am honored to work with so many statesmen that will fight alongside me in our cause to protect the counties from these excessive burdens." 

Representative Lang resides in Granbury with his loving wife, Katie, where they are active members of Stonewater Church. They have one son, Ryan, who lives and works in the DFW area. Lang is a retired law enforcement officer with 30 years of experience. Lang serves as a member of the committees on Criminal Jurisprudence and Special Purpose Districts. 

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