Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO–Two months later, and 35 people ago, in galaxy world known as "Short Term Rentals," or as Charlotte Farmer, SMD6, dubbed it, "Same Trouble Revisited," once again appeared on the City Council's agenda. However, this time there was a decision made, well sort of as an ordinance was drafted.

The second item on the agenda was--Council will consider a draft ordinance and possible moratorium regarding Chapter 12, Exhibit "A," Zoning Ordinance, for Bed and Breakfast Establishments and Short Term Rentals.

Planning & Development Services Director, Jon James, came before the City Council and briefly outlined two points of emphasis, rather than rehashing what took place back in August that involved 35 people who opposed STRs to the point where it took up to three hours of intense discussion. This time the discussion was less than an hour, 30 minutes.

Tuesday's City Council meeting was just a discussion item so the Council didn't have the ability to approve or deny an ordinance, it's just a question of whether to bring it back for a first reading, James said.    

The first part of James presentation asked about whether to bring back the ordinance or not. As for the second part, what to do about an enforcement. 
James briefly defined what a bed and breakfast was, "Renting less than an entire home for less than 30 days; an operator must be on-site."
"Short Term Rentals is rental of the entire dwelling place with 30 days and there is no requirement for an operator on-site."

In a synopsis form, the first question facing the City was--do they want to bring back an ordinance, allowing the STR's with provisions.
The second question, does the Council want to allow by a vote, a moratorium until the ordinance is brought back.

In the end, the Council by a vote of 6-1, decided to bring it back as a draft ordinance with changes requiring STR license renewals every two years and backyard camping limited to a single tent and single trailer, plus a moratorium on enforcement was included. 

The next time the City Council deals with this again is in December when City staff presents it as a draft ordinance for a first public hearing.