Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO–U.S. Congressman, Mike Conaway, was in San Angelo, Wednesday evening Oct. 5 for a Town Hall meeting and the local residents had a myriad of questions ready to ask the Congressman about issues; one in particular--are the Republicans able to work with a wildcard like Donald Trump.

After Congressman Conaway addressed the audience of approximately 60 plus, one individual asked him if Donald Trump does get in the White House, can the Republicans in the House and Senate work with a Donald Trump as president because, "his campaign can't even control him; he stays on message and then five minutes later, he's saying something else."

 Conaway commented on what he thinks is possible when it comes to dealing with Trump, should he be elected.
"In 2018 there will be 25 Democratic Senators up for re-election across the country," the Congressman said. "Senators pay attention to you guys like I do when they are up for re-election."

Congressman Conaway said he could see the House coming up with center, right solutions to some of these big ticket items that they were unable to deal with President Obama and Trump taking those by going into those states where the senators are up for re-election and telling the voters to inform their senators to be a part of the 60 votes in the senate to get this done. 
Conaway said while that would be ideal where he could see that happen, he has no way of making that happen with Trump.

The Congressman concluded his remarks on that question by saying he didn't want to over-promise and then under-deliver.

Other questions asked during the hour long town hall meeting which took place at the McNease Convention Center, were on the National debt, National Defense, Social Security, etc.