Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO–Six women were honored, another 10 were nominated and one was chosen as Woman of the Year at Thursday evening's Texas Business Women of Honor banquet attended by approximately 70 people. The prestigious event was held at the Bentwood Country Club.

In conjunction with the National Business Women's Week where women nationally are recognized for their personal and professional contributions to their communities, TBW of San Angelo announced the names of all the women (6, who received a plaque and rose and 10 who received a certificate) and the Woman of the Year, who has been a member of TBW since 1996.

Mary Blakeley, Chair for the Texas Business Women, informed Conexión what the criteria was to be nominated.
"We sent a letter to the Chamber of Commerce and business people asking them to recommend someone." "The criteria involves their career and what they have accomplished, community service, also personal accomplishments and also what they have done with their families," Blakeley said.

The committee members who were involved in the selection process besides Blakeley, included: Ann Burmeister, Donna Hammons, Elaine Moore, Joyce 'O Connell, and Whisenhunt.

 Laura Whisenhunt, President of Texas Business Women and Karen Gray served as co-masters of ceremony at Thursday evening's Texas Business Women of Honor banquet. 

Laura Whisenhunt announced the first woman of honor--Sherry Lynn Davidson. Davidson was nominated by Lacie 'O Neal.

Left-to-right: Mary Blakeley, Chair for TBW, Lloyd Moore, Elaine Moore, recipient of Woman of the Year award and Samantha Tarr.

Approximately 70 people attended Thursday's TBW event.

The second WOH was Virginia Dupree, who was nominated by Scott Tankersly.

Rita Guthrie who was nominated by Sandy Elliott, was the third Woman of Honor.

The fourth person honored was Lettitia McPherson; she was nominated by Karen Gray. Since Lettitia was unable to attend, accepting in her behalf was John Caldwell.

The fifth Woman of Honor distinction went to Jamelyn Short. She was nominated by her husband, Steven.

And the sixth Woman of Honor went to Connie Stephens who was nominated by Kayla Strain.

The 10 Honorable mentions were: Allison Palmer, Amy Hill, Brandy Ramirez, Crystal Ward, Deborah Campbell, Hailey Myers, Kaitlyn Brosh, Megan Beecher, Melisa Copeland-Strickland, and Susan Spence.

 The Woman of the Year recipient was Elaine Moore, who is the fourth person in back row, from left-to-right.