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SAN ANGELO – You’ve heard the expression, “Everything's bigger in in Texas.” Well, three partners joined forces to start a new company, Texas Beef, whose business plans are bigger than local, Texas, or even nationwide. They aim to be the leaders in the beef industry internationally as well.

Those tri-business owners include: Jeremy Robinson, who came from the cattle industry, Weber Costa represented the beef/sales industry, while Mack Zimmerman, who is Texas Beef’s General Counsel, and previously an attorney.

Conexión interviewed one of the owners, Mr. Zimmerman and Miss Becky Hernandez who stated why San Angelo was the place chosen by Texas Beef to start their business.

“San Angelo is in a good central location of cattle in Texas,” said Miss Hernandez.

Texas Beef which is located at 1809 Bell Street is considered a great facility for business purposes, evidenced by the fact that the building’s square footage is 79,000.

“Also it is a good plant that was shut down and the cattle and beef industry needed it to be opened again,” chimed in Zimmerman. The newly renovated, state of the art facility took three years to prepare for its efficient throughput grand opening.

The facility has been USDA approved and granted inspection, stated Hernandez. Becky, a 2015 graduate of Angelo State University with a degree in Communications, is an Administrative Associate who was hired to assists the owners complete tasks such as public relations, marketing, etc.

Zimmerman emphasized that the facility is going to export beef products all over the world, “we’re going to sell domestically, but also internationally into Mexico, Canada, the Middle East, Asia, as there is a huge international market for protein,” he stated.

“We feed the world,” which is our motto, concluded Hernandez.

Zimmerman and his partners currently have about 60 employees but that will change as next week they should be at about 175. At the time of the interview, Human Resources Director, Teresa Morgan, said 65 prospective candidates were being offered jobs. Texas Beef’s goal is eventually to employ 300.

Other departments besides HR, include: accounting/ financial, quality control, plant managers, of which Fernando Rios, is in charge of 5 other plant managers and supervisors.

Texas Beef is primarily filling positions for floor personnel in the harvest area  

FMI on hiring or any other questions, call Texas Beef at 325-716-4047; or stop by their business office, located at 1809 N. Bell St.

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