Juan Garcia/Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO–A fence, that has existed over 29 years at a local burial site, has left a San Angelo family distraught after cemetery staff removed it.

According to Kaci Campos and her father, Frank Campos, the fence was unjustly removed by Fairmont staff.

Frank Campos stated that the fence has a symbolic meaning to his family.  "Not only does the fence mean the world to us, but also to the person who built it," said Campos.  "After my daughter passed away, I searched for someone to build a fence to place around the site.  I hired a gentleman, who had a fabrication business on 14th street, and he agreed to build the fence.  The gentleman decided to build the fence as he also had lost his daughter a few months prior.  During the construction of the fence, the man passed away in his sleep as he became depressed with his daughter's loss.  That is why the fence at my daughter's site means everything to us."

Kaci told Conexion that when they confronted Fairmount about the whereabouts of the fence, the staff was very unsympathetic and disregarded any interest to hear them out.  
"Fairmount told us that if the fence was there prior, it could remain at the cemetery," said Kaci.  "According to the staff, they stated that the fence was never observed prior, so it had to be removed."  "They informed us that the family was notified that the fence was going to be removed due to it being a safety hazard and being in poor shape."

Not only has the fence existed at Fairmount since 1986, but the fence has been properly kept in the best possible condition by both Kaci and her dad.

Kaci expressed that after pursuing more information from the staff, they were given the opportunity to speak before a board committee, that manages the cemetery.  

"After speaking with the board committee, the board stated that the fence could not exist due to it not being at the cemetery prior," said Kaci.  "We were informed by the grounds keepers that there was one personnel that had seen the fence there years before, yet the committee would not hear us out."  They continued to tell us that they did not want the fence due to the importance of upkeep at the cemetery."

Both stated that they presented the board with pictures of the so called upkeep that they emphasized and yet there is no upkeep of the cemetery what so ever.

Both expressed that the upkeep of the fence has always been maintained and for them to state that the fence has poor condition is foolish.   

"We feel we were not given the opportunity to continue to speak."  "We just want the fence returned to its proper place."

Frank concluded, saying they pray that this lack of compassion be resolved; he hopes that no one else ever has to go through what he and his daughter are going through.

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