Conexión San Ángelo/ Staff report

MAXWELL, TX – The National Hispanic Institute (NHI) has been headquartered in Maxwell, Texas for over 30 years, and its history with the community of San Angelo goes back more than 20 years. Although this 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization’s major activities extend the Texas borders, efforts are underway to revitalize its presence and increase investment of this institution in the community of San Angelo.  NHI is both national and international in scope and works with bright, forward looking young people on becoming strong, conscientious, and community sensitive future leaders. 

On Monday, May 15, NHI will be hosting a community orientation at Angelo State University’s Houston Harte University Center room 211 at 6:00 pm to invite interested families to participate in its summer youth leadership development programs. These nationally recognized and respected learning experiences for young people, prepare them to have a voice in community civic affairs alongside being professionals. The orientation will introduce all interested San Angelo families to the NHI learning experience, the benefits of attending, and the registration process for participation. NHI’s president and founder, Ernesto Nieto, has committed additional funding for interested students to demonstrate the institution’s serious intent in investing in the development of San Angelo’s youth. 

Behind these efforts are partners within the community such as ASU’s Multicultural Student Activities Office and the Association of Mexican- American Students. Heading the efforts is San Angelo native, Ms. Carina Sturgeon a NHI alumna and volunteer, who is also celebrating her 20-year anniversary with the institute.  

"This past year," states the organization's founder and president, Ernesto Nieto, "over 3,000 students attended our 14 summer leadership encampments at college campuses all over the United States. We work closely with over 75 colleges and universities to give our students the best possible footing for their education beyond high school, and 98.1% of our graduating seniors enroll in undergraduate studies." This trend has long been true since 1988 for the nearly 100,000 students who have attended NHI’s Great Debate, Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session, and Collegiate World Series programs. "More important than enrollment," Nieto continues, "is that 90% of our students earn their degrees in 4 to 5 years and better than 65% continue into advanced studies. We hope that San Angelo students can once again be part of this tradition of excellence."

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