Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – There’s three things about Mike Kelly, Editor for the San Angelo Standard Times, those who worked with him and got to know him will miss --his leadership qualities, his sense of humor and a desire to mentor.

The first thing Publisher, Jeff Deloach, mentioned was Kelly’s leadership. Although Kelly is the person in charge, he doesn’t mind covering other events besides major news stories. “There’s not a lot of editors who will go out and cover a grand opening.” said Deloach.


Kelly was given a Resistol Cowboy hat by the Standard Times.

Kelly, whose last day is Friday, May 12 was to some degree, “roasted” by his Publisher, news staff and business office employees at yesterday’s retirement party.

Deloach stated that Kelly’s leadership will be greatly missed from his perspective. 

The second quality that many echoed in the newsroom was Kelly’s desire for mentoring. As the editor for the San Angelo Standard Times for the past nine years, Kelly’s desire has never waned when it comes to “coaching,” mentoring a young reporter; he was never so busy that he didn’t take time out of his schedule for them. 

One staff member mentioned that Mike treated them like family, always looked out for them and never treated them like they were “human capital.” 

Sandy Rojas, a former ST employee, thanked Kelly for all the times that he stood up for his news staff. 

As for that third quality about Kelly, his sense of humor. Someone who brought a lighthearted approach on that trait was former employee, Debbie Velasquez, who told a story that described Kelly’s deadpan sense of humor. 

“It reminds me of the time when I came to Mike and said, ‘Ken would like to fly his drone around the newsroom, is that a problem?” she said.

Kelly, without missing a beat, responded “Debbie we have gone 4,325 days, accident-free, so no!”  

“Thank you so much for everything that you have done for everyone,” concluded Velasquez.

 “Just know that there isn’t a one of us who has not been your fan.” “We’re going to miss you,” said Pam Hammer, ST Advertising Director.