Jim Sánchez / Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO –San Angelo Stock Show & Rodeo, Executive Director, Justin Jonas, informed Conexión that in 1987, the SASS&R awarded one scholarship, valued at $500 to a high school senior.

30 years later, May 11, 2017, the Annual Rodeo Association Foundation awarded 14 high school seniors scholarships. Of those, 13 received scholarship valued at $8,000 while the 14th received a scholarship valued at $14,000.

While Master of cermonies, Dan Koenig, San Angelo Chamber of Commerce President, announced the names of the recipients, the Kermit Wendland Scholarship of $16,000 was given by Wendland to Sierra Lynn Gordon.

San Angelo Chamber of Commerce President, Dan Koenig, served as master of ceremonies.

McKenzie Arrott was among the 14 who received a scholarship from the SASS&R Foundation.

Here are eight of the 14 scholarship recipients whose names below do not match photo taken: 

McKenzie Arrott, Shayna, Cooper, Kolt Dierschke, Cody Garcia, Sierra Gordon, Reagan Hamlin, Kolton Looka, Matthew Salisbury, Halee Sanderson, Garrett Sanford, Trey Schwartz, and Sarita  Short, Taylor Smith, Brenna Wallace.

Unable to attend due to prior commitments were: Shayna Cooper Colt Dierschke, Garrett Sanford, Sarita Short, and Kolton Looka.



Recipients receiving 20-year pins (individuals in photo are not in order):

J.W. Aley, Blake Belcher, Leon Braden, Raymond Burcham, Melony Chandler, Darrell Dusk, Doug Dusek, Wayne Dusek
Joe Max Edmiston, Wade Everton, Linda Hofacket, Ginna Hruska, Jed Hruska, Martha King, Howard Looka,
Stan McMullen, Kevin Mikulik, Mike Mikulik, Deola Mitts, Gray Mundell, Darrell Patton, Victor Probandt, Ruben Rodriguez,
Daryl Schniers, Erwin Schwartz, Sr., Bridget Scott, Cody Scott, Lisa Seewald, Harry Theriot, Parks Tucker, Joy Walker,
Donnie Watkins, Christine Wilde, Dale Wilde, Zane Willard, Ken Windham and Diane Womack.

Doris Ogden and Dennis Grafa, recipients of 40-year pins.

Gil Engdahl– Scholarship Committee/Judging Contests, unable to attend.

Dennis Grafa– Angus Heifer Committee

Doris Ogden– Exhibits Committee

Raymond Rutledge– Meat Goat Committee, unable to attend.

The SASSR 30th Annual event was also a volunteer appreciation dinner for the 1,200 who gave of their time to the 85th rodeo.

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