Conexión San Ángelo / Gregorio Gutiérrez

San Angelo, Texas. – Mike Avila, General Manager for Westlake ACE Hardware, commented about the celebration of Beatriz Castillo last day at the store.

“There is no one else like her, she is one of a kind. We are going to miss her, I knew her since we used to work at Dillard’s and she was the first reason that I came to work here. I must say she was the soul of the store” commented Mike.

“Being a Hispanic has enabled me to speak with Hispanic people. I have worked with the community for over 30 years, before here I worked for the City for 18 years. I am ready to retire, I wish my coworkers do well and they keep continue serving the Spanish community. I also want to thank my husband, Bobby Castillo who always was very supportive of me” commented Beatriz.