Good morning, San Angelo. This is your Mayor Dwain Morrison, here with my last weekly update of what’s happening in the City of San Angelo.

I want to congratulate the winners of last week’s City Council elections. Tommy Hiebert won a two-year unexpired term in the Council’s District 1 seat. And Tom Thompson and Lucy Gonzales won four-year terms in the District 2 and 4 seats, respectively. The District 6 race moves to a runoff between Steve Hampton and Billie DeWitt on July 8th. And, of course, Brenda Gunter handily won election as our next mayor, the first woman to hold that post. 

On Tuesday morning, Brenda will take the oath of office as San Angelo’s new mayor. And at that moment, for the first time in 14 years, I will not be a member of our City Council. I leave public office with mixed emotions, of course. 

On the one hand, this ol’ boy ain’t what he used to be. I have worked tirelessly – particularly these past four years as your mayor – to represent you, to answer every phone call, to engage in each discussion, to attend every function, to shake every hand and kiss every baby. It’s been a great pleasure. But, to be honest, I’m worn out! I’m looking forward to attending my grandkids’ many events without having to squeeze in Council duties, especially those long meetings twice a month. 

Also, this is the way of political life. We serve … and then we move on, making way for people who bring fresh perspectives, fresh ideas, new energy and different worldviews. That’s healthy. 

But I’d be lying if I said I’m not going to miss it. I’ve loved serving my community and serving you. I’ve loved being involved in matters of great importance, impact and interest to my family, friends and neighbors. I’ve loved the many friends I’ve made, the vast number of memories I’ve made and, I hope, the difference I’ve made. Heck, I’ve even loved the innumerable debates with you and with my fellow Council members in which I’ve come out on the losing end. It’s all made me a better man. And while I haven’t always been right, I have always given my best.

Thank you. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. And thank you for the opportunity to represent you, both as a five-term Councilman of District 2 and as a two-term mayor. Not bad for a country boy and fence mender from Lake View. 

God bless San Angelo. I’m Mayor Dwain Morrison.