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SAN ANGELO – The Santa Rita Elementary Principal, teachers and students through 5th grade were joined by parents, the community, Director, Joey Ashbrook’s Central High School Band, and former Santa Rita alumni at this morning’s 11:30 celebration of its 90th anniversary with a picnic in the park.

Principal, Kay Scott, master of ceremonies, asked five, 5th graders to come forward and sing the national anthem which was played by the CHS Band.
Left-to-right: Lewis Tovaas, Davis Calhoun, Emily Scott, Maddie Henderson and Emma Watkins.

This Santa Rita group was Connell's Kindergarten class. 

Tiana Samarripa, fifth grader and her classmates celebrate and cheer Santa Rita's 90th anniversary. The 5th grade teacher is Mrs. Jennifer McGee.

Mrs. Brenda Cavness, is a third grade teacher who has 20 students in her class. Other third teachers are: Mrs. Boser and Mrs. Heath.
Cavness, who is is celebrating 32 years as an educational teacher at SRE, was asked what she thought about today's celebration.
"This is wonderful, it is a lovely day in the park; it's great to see everyone, including the retired teachers," she said. Two of the retired teachers she knew who attended were DeAnn Watkins and and Linda Curtis.

Lane Parrott, former teacher who taught at the school from 1937 to 1975, wrote “that Santa Rita was built in 1926, but the contractor went broke before the building was completed. By the time a new contract was drawn up and signed and the building was completed, it was February of 1927.”

The principal at that time was Miss Jones who also taught first grade. Other teachers included: Miss Lydia Biggs, second grade; Miss Ella Hilliard, third grade; Miss Susie Melner, fourth grade; and Miss Womack, fifth grade.

Parrott also mentioned in her article that there were two part-time supervisors, fourteen teachers, and a music teacher.

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