Gregorio Gutiérrez/ Conexión San Ángelo

San Angelo, TX. – Dwain Morrison, former Mayor of San Angelo, commented about the accomplishments and satisfaction after completion of his term working for San Angelo for 8 years.

“We worked really hard, we accomplished a lot of things that we set up. I had a wonderful council all four years of my term, I had a very good administration. I am very proud of them and we have worked together with the builders, realtors, and other people and we are very proud of what we have accomplished. 

My primary concern was go to every corner of this town to meet with every citizen that I could and to promote harmony and peace between all of the different people. We are all in this together, we have to be in this together and we have to get along.

Jesus said 2000 years ago, ‘put God first and love your neighbor as yourself’ and that is exactly what I’m trying to leave. I have made some wonderful friends all over and even with our differences we have far more similarities. We have a wonderful community and I’m very proud of them.

This is the hardest job I ever had but is been my best job, I loved every minute of being Mayor. I thank my wife for her support, she has taken some of the heat for me. I thank San Angelo, we have a wonderful community and all 100,000 of us have a great responsibility, to ourselves, to God, to our family and to the community. Let’s work together so we can have the peace and harmony that we have had over the years” commented Dwain Morrison.

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