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SAN ANGELO – In 1939, plans were drawn up for a Girl Scout Community House that was constructed at its current location 304 W. Ave A. After the Girl Scout building was completed in 1940, it was given the name, “Little House.” 

Over the years, the “Little House” by the river has started to show its age.

Left-to-right: Donna Brosh and Suzi Marshall

Conexión met with Donna Brosh, and Suzi Marshall, representatives for the Girl Scouts of Central Texas on July 27 at the “House.”

Brosh, the Girl Scouts Resource Development Executive stated that it was Marshall’s brainchild idea to remodel the Girl Scout House.

“Also try to the get the ‘Women of Distinction’ to become a part of this” said Marshall. Brosh interjected the reason GSCTX would like for the WOD to become involved in the fundraising process is because they are a role model example to the Girl Scouts as well as an extension to some degree of the organization. Each one would contribute in their own unique way, for example where someone would be a great fundraiser, another’s strength would be in the area of coordinating planned events. 

 The “Little House” is in need of all new windows being replaced, new flooring and a new rain water harvesting system.

Donna stated that it was six months ago when the ball got started to renovate this 76-year-old “House” which has faithfully served the Girl Scouts throughout its history.

“We’ve began the initial phase of bid estimates, also applied for a grant through the City Council to extend our lease because it was leased from them, which it was approved” said Brosh. 

Donna also stated that the nonprofit organization will reach out to the community to ask for donations to restore the “House.” 

Besides new energy efficient windows, the “Little House” will need to be retro-fitted with florescent lighting.

“We also want to make our kitchen, training friendly so that we can having cooking classes,” said Brosh.   

 Donna concluded the interview, saying the projected cost would be between $80,000 to $100,000. “hoping to have it finished by 2019 with startup expected to be at the first of the year, 2018.

Brosh said it the Girl Scout “Little House” would probably be done in stages with say the 27 windows first, stage two the flooring, stage three includes the kitchen, etc.

“So that we improve the building as we raise the funds along the way,” Brosh said.

FMI on making a donation to the Girls Scouts of Central Texas call Brosh at 325-655-8961; or email her This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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