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SAN ANGELO – Mickey Matthews, MPAS, PA-C, gave a brief overview on the topic of senior hip and knee pain to 20 plus attendees at this afternoon’s Talk With the Doc luncheon that was held at Lyndale San Angelo. 

Matthews, who specializes in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine, stated that there is a misnomer that the only solution to joint pain is surgery.

“There are treatment options which includes injection therapy, there’s physical therapy.” “A lot of those things are based on what is the best treatment for the patient and based on what their needs and demands are,” said Matthews. 

Matthews who is a Physician Assistant at San Angelo Medical Community Center, touched on conservative treatment options which included steroid injections, and, “braces which are useful particularly in people with knee pain that can be very helpful.” “We also think about physical therapy, general walking and range of motion in your knee and hip is beneficial for you, we can add to that with physical therapy.”

“So when the injections, braces and therapy is no longer effective, then the next decision is to do a joint replacement,”he said.

The treatment level for doing this is based upon the problem. “We have the ability to do a partial knee replacement for folks who have very isolated arthritis in a particular compartment of their knee.”

A new technology that was developed, called “robotic-assisted,” when it comes to doing partial knee replacements, joint alignment is very critical making sure things are straight. “The robot allows us to do that within about a 10th of a millimeter.” If not done with the “robotic-assistance,” the accuracy level greatly diminishes, stated Matthews.

SACMC has been performing successful “robotic-assisted surgeries since 2013 with an overall satisfaction rate of 97 percent, compared to Texas’ 74 percent. 

Matthews concluded, saying that in the future SACMC will have onboard to do a complete joint replacement, both hip and knee.

According to the Center for Disease Control, “719,000 total knee replacements and 332,000 total hip replacements are performed annually."

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