Gregorio Gutiérrez/ Conexión San Ángelo 

SAN ANGELO – Luis Davila, who paints freestyle pieces, describes himself as a self-taught artist who picked up a spray can at age 13. 10 years later, Davila through practice, patience and hard work, has become a professional at his craft.

Conexión asked Davila what inspires him to paint. 

“My inspiration comes from painting Retro Gaming buildings such as Matty’s Custom Tees.

“I wanted to do my style of video games so my characters also have tattoos on them,” Davila said.

How difficult is it to interpret an image?


“It is really hard especially with spray cans which are hard to control.” “As for putting the images on there because they are so big, it takes a lot of talent, practice and patience but I can knock it out,” Davila said.

Conexión asked Davila why he choose to display his artistic work outside rather than in art galleries?

“It’s important to me that more people get to see it.” “And, not many people would see it as much if it was in a gallery nor probably relate to it.”

Davila concluded by saying that he wouldn’t mind leaving a legacy to children because in his words, “it’s a culture and a culture only stays alive through other people, kids.” I wouldn’t mind passing on my talent by teaching kids or others how to do what I do,” he said.

“Anyone interested in doing something like this and it doesn’t have to be art, continue to do it and you will get better at it; just practice, have patience and you will succeed.” 

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