Conexión San Ángelo / Tristan Fielder, ASU contributor 
Photos courtesy of Fielder 

SAN ANGELO – On Monday, September 11, students, faculty members, and administration alike, gathered in front of the Porter Henderson Library to place 2,977 flags in the ground in remembrance of each of the lives lost in the September 11, 2001 attacks.

This event, hosted by the Angelo State Veterans Center, Student Government Association, and Young America’s Foundation, ensures that the Angelo State Rams will never forget the lives lost in the attacks.

Many students stopped by the flag display throughout the day to pay homage to the lives lost, and to capture a photo or two to share on social media.

Some faculty members even cancelled their classes to attend the event, and even Angelo State President, Dr. Brian May, was seen placing a flag that morning.

At Angelo State, we feel that events like these are crucial, because in three years or less, many freshmen entering universities will not have been alive during these attacks in 2001. Although these students will not have lived through or experienced these events, they will know and appreciate the sacrifices so many have made to make this country great because of events like this.