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SAN ANGELO – Tony Villarreal is a very appreciative person who lets his action speak for themselves when expressing appreciation for others. For the ninth consecutive year, Villarreal is hosting his “Customer Appreciation Day” for clients, because as he put it “Our clients, our community has been very supportive, so we are very grateful.”

Villarreal, State Farm business owner, came to San Angelo in 2008 from Fort Stockton and though this is the ninth year in a row to do this, he has also changed it from originally having it in July to September. 

In July 2008, for the first “Customer Appreciation Day” the weather was too hot. The annual event was held the first four years in July; but then Tony decided to move it to September, until last year when it got pushed to October.

“We then moved it from Friday to Thursday because a lot of our clients were telling us that they were headed to football games. This will be the first time on a Thursday,” Villarreal said.

The date to save for his clients is Thursday, October 12 from 11 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. This “CAD” is a come as you go event. Villarreal stated that there will be nine briskets cooked, along with all the trimmings: potato salad, sausage, beans, rice, jalapeños, tortillas, tea. 

Villarreal’s staff of six will assist him throughout the day to help serve the clients. Volunteer wise he will have five, among them Edward Carrasco who will help Tony with cooking the briskets.

“Our clients, our community has been very supportive, so we are very grateful.” “That’s why we love serving them; giving back in a small way brings us closer together,” Villarreal concluded. 

As for door prizes to be given out, mugs, sun-visors, fans, t-shirts and calendars. 

State Farm is located at 1820 S. College Hills Blvd.

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