Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo 

SAN ANGELO – At Sunday’s Primera Copa Latina Pistol Competition, the top 10 winners were awarded trophies by Reynaldo Maldonado, a five-year member of the San Angelo Gun Club/ coordinator of the event. Maldonado, Gun Club Officer, Darren Krumwiede and official scorer, Christena Parks, and volunteers were on hand for this first-time pistol competition which was held at 8055 Arden Road.

The winners were as follows:

1st place:   Levi Putnam

2nd place:  Tanner Tomlinson

3rd place:   Jerry Willefordd

4th place:   Josh Isaac

5th place:   Darren Krumwiede

6h place:   Chris Nelms

7th place:   Cesar Roman

8th place:   Christina Parks

9th place:   Martin Griego

10th place: Rene Segoviano

Among the group were two females, one a veteran shooter, Parks, who placed eighth; the other a first-time participant to shoot a gun was Irma Segoviano.

San Angelo Gun Club Officer, Darren Krumwiede and GC official scorer, Christena Parks.

Krumwiede stated that 1 target was used by shooter with three distances: 3 meters which involved 50 rounds; 7 meters with 20 rounds; and 10 meters with 10 rounds.

Left-to-right: Rene Segoviano, Christena Parks and Irma Segoviano.

Irma was joined by her husband, Rene, as both joined the GC just over the weekend to participate in the pistol competition.

Rene, who has been shooting for 30 years, stated this was his first time to actually compete. His score turned out to be 477. As for Irma, a rookie, she turned in a decent score, 419. She was asked how she felt handling a gun for the first time out in competition as it was intimidating.

“It was very interesting and challenging,” “I liked it, but I was nervous.” 

“This is competition but it’s also fun, first,” chimed in Rene. For Irma’s first time out, Rene gave her a 22 Ruger pistol while Rene broke in a brand new, Sauer P 220.

Rene was asked why he wanted Irma to come out and participate.

“I enjoy shooting and always have, so this is one of those things we can do together,” he concluded. 

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