Gregorio Gutiérrez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – U.S. Congressman, Mike Conaway, was in town Tuesday evening as he held a townhall meeting at the McNease Convention Center last week. While Congressman Conaway covered a variety of issues, two Conexión focused on were Obamacare and tax reform.

The first question was regarding Reconciliation.


“Reconciliation, which is under the budget, creates a tool to use for a 51-vote issue in the Senate. Health Care is using the 17 Reconciliation tool in the Senate to get 51 votes. The 18 Budget reconciliation tool will be for tax reform and that will happen in October,” said Congressman Conaway.

Conaway was asked what were the benefits on tax reform.

“The benefit would be to unleash the American economy.” “Our current tax code is too complicated, hard to comply with, it is outdated and needs to be redone.”

Conaway further commented that if Congress can get a simplified tax code with low tax rates most of us believe that it would spur the economy to greater growth in excess of the three percent that is needed to be able to try to get ourselves out of the circumstances we find ourselves in, stated the Congressman.

“The reason tax reform is needed, is not because it was proposed by somebody, it is the details of what that tax reform looks like, it’s where you get into disagreements.”

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