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SAN ANGELO – To hear Gaby Natale, a vivacious person, entrepreneur and a three-time national Emmy award winning journalist speak, one would think that she has never experienced, disappointment or setbacks. 

After hearing her speak at the Dia de la Mujer which was held at the Foster Communications Coliseum over the weekend before 200 Hispanic women, Natale knows what it is to have gone through adversity as she gave a backdrop narrative on her life and as she put it, “My overnight success took 10 years.”

Left-to-right: Dr. Hector Acton, Dr. Alejandra Ayestaron and Dr. Emir Campanini. Dr. Acton was one of the speakers who spoke on health, nutrition and education.

Natale was invited by the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women’s Health to be this year’s guest speaker at the first Annual Dia del la Mujer, (Day of the Woman) event that was aimed at challenging and encouraging Hispanic women to achieve their dreams.

After 10 years as a television reporter in interviewing overachievers who accomplished something extraordinary whether in sports, entertainment, business, etc., Gaby found that despite different dreams, there was a commonality among them; they had similar patterns in thoughts, actions and patterns.

Natale, herself was one of those overachievers as 10 years ago she and her husband, Andres Suarez, began their business in a carpet warehouse in Odessa, Texas. 

In an interview with Conexión, it took Gaby 10 years to reap the fruit of her labor that she now enjoys— a three-time Emmy winner, one of the few women who owns not only the rights to her TV show, Super Latina, (in 2014 Public Broadcasting Service picked up Super Latina for its Hispanic syndication) and a studio as well. Along the way during her early days, Gaby who was living in Argentina, couldn’t find a job for two years. This, despite being a college graduate as she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a Master’s degree in journalism from the University of San Andreas in Argentina.

Natale whose book, El Circulo Virtuous (The Virtuous Circle) was published by Harper Collins Español, mentioned that she almost gave up on her dream of working in media and having her own television show.

Gaby outlined in her power-point presentation, 7 archetypes which create the Virtuous Circle: Visualize, Plan, Execute, Perfect, Persevere, Achieve and Inspire.

One question Natale posed to her audience was “What is the most common mistake that block’s people’s potential?”

“The number one mistake that we do when we give up our dreams prematurely is that we jump to permanent conclusions about ourselves or our potential based on temporary circumstances.” “Sometimes you think that you can’t achieve something and you are basing it on something that is only temporary,” said Natale.

Conexión concluded the interview with Gaby as she mentioned four women who influenced her professional career: Cristina Saralegui, Orpah Winfrey, Martha Stewart and Tyra Banks, 

As for the purpose for her Super Latina show? It is to elevate conversations and those who portray Latinas in a positive and non-stereo typical way in media and television.

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