Gregorio Gutiérrez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO –Esperanza Clinic, Inc. CEO, Mike Campbell, was interviewed by Conexión as the nonprofit organization received a grant.

“Yes, we received one because of the recognition due to the problem of opioid abuse,” said Campbell. The grant will be used to address issues of substance abuse in our community.”

We will be doing a number of things. First, recruiting a chemical dependency counselor that will work alongside our LPC and behavioral health program. And second, update new equipment which we are in the process of operationalizing now.”

“Currently issues that were addressed during Congressman Conaway’s previous visit last month did not directly address the issue which is that the majority of community health centers are facing—the “Community Health Centers Funding Cliff” set to expire by September 30, 2017.”  “What that would mean is if the community health centers are not reauthorized by Congress, each one stands to lose 70 percent of their federal funding, which is about $2.1 million dollars,” said Campbell.

That would mean that La Esperanza would not be able to provide service to about a little over 3,000 patients if funding cliff is not fixed; by the way, this was not addressed during Conway’s visit, Campbell stated. 

“If we don’t get action on this issue, it will be about 9 million patients that we will not be able to provide services, and 17000 jobs will be lost across the nation in community health centers,” concluded Campbell.

Conexión concluded the interview with Campbell’s Director of Finance, Rosie Casanella, asking how does this allocated grant benefit La Esperanza in its development?

“The income that we receive is used to provide for the patients as most of them cannot pay other hospitals.”

“By their coming to Esperanza, we can use their income to adjust the cost of the bill,” concluded Casanella.