Loagan Memmber/ Conexión San Ángelo, intern

Memmer, is a senior at LVHS 

SAN ANGELO— San Angelo welcomed a new facility for members of the community who suffer from mental illness.

The “San Angelo Clubhouse” celebrated its grand opening with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting and small celebration for the members and any in the community who share interest in the Clubhouse.

Director Brent Jenkins spoke on the clubhouse’s purpose and the team’s hope for the future members.

“The clubhouse is a place where people with mental health issues can be able to find a community,” Brent said. “They can find support from other people who have similar backgrounds.”

Jenkins believes that the clubhouse will be a place that will provide the opportunities necessary for the members to further grow and succeed in society.

“Our members have different interests and we want to supply them the skills to meet those interests,” Mark Myers, Program Manager said. “We want to teach people their independence.”

The core team believes in helping the members succeed on their own, and they believe that the clubhouse will provide the means to do so.