Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo 

SAN ANGELO – The latest Texas Legislative session was really hard, one of the hardest is how Senator Charles Perry opened with his candid remarks to a small group of San Angeloans and community leaders who were in attendance at Wednesday’s meeting as Sen. Perry was in town to give an update on how it went in the recent 85th Texas Legislative session.

“Everything that we seemed to be debating on the Senate floor or before the House was either a rural or urban issue,” said Sen. Perry.

Specific issues covered, ranged from health care to school finance, and a $217 billion dollar state budget. That breaks down to $80 billion dollars which goes to public and higher education, $80 billion to services such as Medicaid, welfare, etc. 

“86 percent of our $217 billion dollar budget is spent before we ever show up,” Perry said. $4 billion dollars is spent on mental health issues in Texas.

Some of the good things that were done; one was regarding CPS Foster care as it not been dealt with for a long time and was badly in need of being addressed. Also, additional caseworkers were hired. 

Some of the issues that were specific to San Angelo was the State Supported Living Center which was not formerly designated as forensic; but it is now statutory-protected as a forensic state supported living center for women

Perry stated that in the next legislative session there will be discussion on closing some of the state supported living centers around the state due to the fact that a lot of them are outdated and their infrastructure is neglected; plus at that time centers were built to accommodate 1,300 people whereas now centers can hold up to 3400.

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