Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo 

SAN ANGELO – 4-H National Youth Science Day, the world’s largest youth-led science experiment, conducts its yearly national science challenge as thousands of youth take part.

On the local level, this year’s 10th Annual NYSD project called—Incredible Wearables, was held Friday, October 13 in the Suggs Room of the Stephens Central Library as five young men made a Fit Bit presentation to children, before instructing them how to use the kits for experiments.

Conexión interviewed Garrett Guerrero, who led his other team members comprised of: Brodie Glover, Nathan Waldron, Matthew Trees, and Carson Green. 

“Today we are doing activities with kids, basically a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) out-reach program, where we teach them about more about STEM,” said Guerrero.

After the presentation, each 4-H team member was assigned a table with kits as they instructed the children on how to conduct an experiment.

The components of the Incredible Wearables Kit consisted of: 

• one piece of 12” x 9’ felt.

• A Velcro strip

• Rubber bands

• A pulse oximeter

• A tilt sensor

• ‘The Thing’ is what the members called it

• Power supply

One of the members, Green, had at his table, the Sohn family. The parents--A.J. and Kara accompanied their children—Adelyn, age 8, Tatum, age 4 and Truett, age 5.   

“Each of us standing at the table will be a facilitator. We have programmed our phones to pick up the signals from each computer thing in each device. Our phones will then read the date from your Incredible Wearable, and then guide you as you test it,” per Carson’s instructions.

Carson first measured Truett Sohn’s heart rate at rest; then measured his heart rate after jogging in place. 

Truett was informed by Green that a wearable health monitor would be placed on his wrist, then he was instructed to jog in place for one minute. Truett was given five minutes and 20 seconds to complete the challenge.

the Incredible Wearables kit was developed by the University of Nebraska as a fun way for children to build wearable fitness trackers.

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