Conexion San Angelo/ Loagan Memmer

SAN ANGELO—Halloween isn’t the only time of year where characters come to life, Comic Con San Angelo offers a place where young and old can come together to celebrate their common interests.

Many of the participants came in costume to commemorate their favorite characters. 

Professional Cosplayers dressed up as Marvel characters.


The event offers a unique experience to the community and gives venders the opportunity to showcase their work.

“It brings something that you can’t get at a regular store, there’s handmade crafts inside- they [attendees] see the pictures of the big conventions and by us putting this on, we give them the opportunity to experience that at an affordable price.” Robert Soliz, one of the core team members said. 

The team encourages fans to visit their facebook page to help them put on next year’s convention. Most of the convention is based on what the attendees would like to see, so they hope to bring more to the convention in the future. 


Two Teens dressed up as their favorite characters
Halo Cosplay
Family dressed up as Startrek
Local teen enjoying the merchandise vendors have to offer

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