Conexión San Ángelo/ Staff report

SAN ANGELO – According to CDC statistics, road traffic accidents are a leading cause of mortality among teenage drivers. Fortunately, it is a problem that can be prevented by raising awareness and providing education to young road users. Parents with children who are likely to drive can set a good example early on by:

• Always wearing a seatbelt

• Strictly adhering to road safety rules

• Inspecting the vehicle before use

• Showing respect and courtesy to other road users (including pedestrians)

• Avoiding checking cell phones or other technology behind the wheel

• Keeping to the speed limit

• Never drinking and driving

Teenage drivers with influential parents are more likely to grow up following the same rules and leading others by example. Always being aware of surroundings and showing teenage drivers that full concentration is needed will ensure that they do not take their eyes off the road. Follow these tips to teach teenagers to stay safe on the road.

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