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SAN ANGELO – A caliche lot that measures 46'x74' and sat vacant for 25 years is finally getting an occupant, Heritage Park, albeit in the summer, 2018.

 Lee Pfluger and Stacia Hughes address attendees at the Heritage Park press conference held this past Tuesday, October 24 at the Cactus Hotel.

Also to raise additional funds, a brick campaign kicks-off November 9. Engraved pavers will be available in two sizes: a 4x8-inch brick for $500; and an 8x8-inch brick for $1,000.

Left-to-right: Lee Pfluger, Candy Pfluger Kara Barner, Stacia Hughes and Candis Hicks.

Lee is the Heritage Park Chairman, Barner is Heritage Park Administration / Brick Campaign Coordinator, Hughes is  Heritage Park Committee /  Project Manager, and Hicks is Heritage Park Administration / Education Curriculum.

At Tuesday’s 5:30 p.m. press conference held in the Cactus Hotel, Lee Pfluger, local businessman and Heritage Chairman, outlined what the concept was behind Heritage Park, its projected cost (also known as a pocket park), who the philanthropist was, the date of groundbreaking ceremony, where the Park will be located, and who the architect was on the project, etc. 

“The whole concept of Heritage Park started with the 1992R/UAT Plan. . . that initial idea jelled today with it being constructed here downtown to tie our community together and to create an oasis for people to enjoy the ambiance of our downtown,” said Pfluger.

Pfluger stated that the purpose of the park was to create an atmosphere that would attract tourists; and impart the heritage of the community to the school kids through the development of a curriculum that will teach the children about the past and so forth.

“An endowment of approximately $150,000 from the $870,000 for the park (raised mainly through private donations), will be used to pay for maintenance on a yearly basis, stated Pfluger.

The philanthropist who made the $100,000 endowment for the maintenance upkeep of the Park was Elta Joyce McAfee.
The architect on the HP project was Henry Schmidt.

Heritage is not going to be unlike any other park, in fact it is intended to be multi-faceted, educational and an outdoor historic venue which will:

• Continue our Historic City Center revitalization efforts

• Augment the educational experience of our school children

• Enhance the quality of life in our community by enabling future generations to understand and appreciate our rich West Texas Heritage, per www.heritagepark.com

As for how the Park project came about it. HP (pocket park) concept was originally proposed in the American Institute of Architect’s 1992R/UAT Plan for the revitalization of San Angelo’s Historic City Center.

Pfluger stated that HP is expected to attract approximately 6,000 SAISD students on an annual basis, adult visitors 3,000 and from the community about 100,000.

The Park is expected to be open 365 days a year. As for volunteers 16 will be on the Community Leadership Committee.

18 key staff and volunteers include the following:

Two horticulturists, one historian, two administrators, three activists, one philanthropist, a San Angelo Area Foundation, one building contractor, one artist.

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