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SAN ANGELO – Saturday’s Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) third annual costume contest was held this year earlier in the afternoon at 3 p.m. instead of in the "dead of the night", evening.

The Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, which officially begins on October 31, was held at Kirby Park, 1401 Edmund Blvd by the Dazzling Dames, San Angelo local chapter, a nonprofit organization.

 Left is Raquel Carmona and her two children; on the far right is Beatrice Flores and her children.

Sandra Aguilar was one of the older contestants who entered the costume competition.

Dazzling Dame beauty, Chrissy a.k.a. "Princess Vixen" was one of the members who assisted in the third annual Dia de Los Muertos costume competition.

The contestants dressed as either characters: Nemo, a lizard, vampire, etc. ranged from toddlers to 9-year-olds. 

Left-to-right: Bell on wheels, Catilyn, Bronx Bomber roller derby girl, Kathy ( wearing skull), Brick Wallop and RoseMauler, roller derby girl.

Misty Barron, her dog and fellow Dazzling Dame, member Cynthia Rutledge dressed to the nines in their Halloween costumes.

Here are the names of winners:


1st place—Nemo: Joseph Marmole

2nd place—Dorey: Keilah Marmole

3rd place—Lizzard: Noah Gomez

Vaida Vazquez, who dressed up as Selena, was a first place winner in the 6-7 year-old costume contest.

Charlee Lozano places 2nd in the 6-7 year-old category. Lozano dressed up as a female vampire.
6-7 yr

1st place—Selena: Vaida Vazquez 

2nd place—vampire: Charlee Lozano


1st place—Saw: Asyria Roman

2nd place--La Catrina: Makayla Garcia

3rd place-- Red polka dot: Alicia Duncan

4th place—Hamburger: Catilyn


1st place- Black dress/skull face: Andrea Gonzales

2nd Black pants Bling Skull face: Sandra Aguilar

The sponsors for this holiday, festive event which was held from 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. included: Sands Finance, Computer Barron andTony Villarreal Insurance.

Donations were made by Target and Walmar, while music was provided by DJ Sonidero Estrella, Gonzalo Reyes.

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