Conexión San Ángelo / Staff report

SAN ANGELO – The top two tie down roping Cowboys--Caleb Smidt a three-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier, and Ryan Jarrett, 2005 Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association World All-Around Champion, competed against each other for a shot at the World's Richest Match Roping, Match buckle, and $20,000 dollars in a winner take all pot. Smidt edged out Jarrett for the title.

The Roping Fiesta was held both days with a start time of 1:00 p.m. in the Outdoor Roping Arena.

Smidt and Jarrett were among 40 competitors who attended the 64th Annual Cinch Roping Fiesta competition held over the weekend, October 28-29 at the Outdoor Arena. 

A San Angelo Ambassador carries the United States flag during the National Anthem and opening ceremonies for the 64th Annual Cinch Roping Fiesta Competition. 

The three, full go-rounds would determine a 12-man short go vying for the title of "Fiesta Champion."


In the first go, Caleb Smidt made it very clear he was here not only to compete in the match roping with Ryan Jarrett, but to make his mark on the invitational roping as well by winning the first go with a 9.82. Familiar names like Cooper, Smith, and Yates were right behind him. Each go-round pays out a healthy $8,450 and the average winners share just over $26,000. The total roping payout is $60,000 for a few seconds of work. 

The eighth contestant, Westyn Hughes, in the first go-round, was the early leader as he recorded a 12.48. Hughes is from Caldwell, Texas.

In the short go, the final 7 contestants kept it suspenseful with only two seconds separating the field to make it almost anyone's game. Previous Fiesta Champion Tyson Durfey came from the sixth-place position and applied the pressure to the top of the field. Marcus Costa followed suit and then Reese Riemer backed in the box as the second-high call back only a 1/2 second behind Smidt. 

Justin Maass, contestant number seven, on his first go-round, recorded a 21.81. Maass is from Giddings, Texas.

Riemer didn't come in unannounced. He had already won $3,500 in the previous go's and got down to business chasing the $10,000 title. He put up a 10.17 run to have a 43.63 on four head. Smidt had to be 10.54 to win and he drew a tough calf that broke to the outside and, while manageable, was not the calf to clinch the title, but an 11.53 on this final calf put him in second for an $8,000 reserve showing. Reese Riemer is the 2017 Invitational Cinch Roping Fiesta Champion taking home over $13,000 for just under 44 seconds of hard work. 

A long set of 17 and 19 second runs on Smidt's 9th and 10th calf had no bearing on the end result with 172.49 on 12 head to Jarrett's 204.70 time. Smidt won out the World's Richest Match Roping, the Match buckle, and $20,000 dollars.

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