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SAN ANGELO – While Nora Nevarez’ work career took her through various positions, starting first as a high school senior who worked as a customer service rep for West Texas Utilities, to later on in administrative work with the San Angelo Police Department, all the jobs along the way and an education (received her Bachelor of Science degree, July 2017) prepared her well for the current position she occupies---Economic Development Executive Office Coordinator for the City of San Angelo Development Corporation.  

Conexión sat down with Nevarez in her office as she spoke about the one thing she wanted to accomplish, graduate from college with a degree, which she received five years ago; then another one this past July. 

“In May 2012, I received my Associates Degree in business management from Howard,” said Nevarez. A year later in 2013, Nora was not satisfied with stopping there. She went after her bachelor’s degree, this time from Park University. 

Prior to that though, Nevarez remembers her very first gained experience in the work force when she was a senior in high school in the accounting office, switchboard and after graduation she was hired as a customer service rep at West Texas Utilities. AEP bought out WTU in 2000 and restructured the business, thus doing away with Nora’s position.

Nora’s next career move was when she applied at the San Angelo Police Department but wasn’t hired, then. However, later when an a data clerk position opened up she worked three years for Police Chief, Joe Gibson, Assistant Wayne Peters and John Sparks.

Nora Nevarez, has been the Economic Development Executive Office Coordinator for COSADC the past four years.

“I decided after that that it was time to move because I am the type of person who wants to learn more.”

Nevarez next applied for a position with the Planning Department as an office manager. The position grew to where there were development services which had more departments under its canopy—planning, engineering, GIS, MPO, etc. “I would assist all those departments with their scheduling, paying their bills, etc.”

As for receiving two degrees, Nevarez stated that she sacrificed a lot along the way to get her education. Her studies took up much of her time away from her husband, Alex and family; oftentimes she was at college until 9 p.m. On weekends, she might as well not even plan anything because she was hitting the books. Working full-time and trying to make time for her family was a delicate balancing act. What made it a slow process along the way was that Nora was only taking one class at a time. 

Finally the day came for Nevarez and her 12 fellow Park University classmates to graduate on July 12, 2017; and there to see her walk across the stage and receiver her Bachelor of Science, management degree was her family. “I was the first in my family to graduate.” “Regardless of how old you are, if you want it you can achieve it.”

Nevarez remembers she was asked at one time why did she want an education?  “When I got my associates degree I took it as a personal challenge.” “But when I pursued my bachelor’s, it was an achievement, I did it!” 

For the women who have thought about it, pursuing an education, it is never too late." There are a variety of scholarships and grants available for women seeking to pursue a higher education." “If that’s your dream, then go for it,” concluded Nevarez.

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