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SAN ANGELO – H-E-B’s Feast of Sharing invitation to their annual Thanksgiving dinner drew approximately 7,000 community members who sat down to a traditional, holiday meal which consisted of: turkey, mash potatoes, gravy, green beans, dressing and pumpkin pie; for beverages there were soft drinks and water.

Left-to-right: Maleny Robles, age 14, attends Lincoln Middle School; and Lucia, age 15, attends TLCA. Both girls were among the 670 volunteers who assisted in Sunday, November 5, FOS.

Conexión caught up with H-E-B Unit Director, Lynn Shipley, the point man who has been in charge for the past 17 years out of the 21 that H-E-B has held this sit-down together family meal. 

 Approximately 7,000 community members sat down together as a family to partake in H-E-B's 21st Feast of Sharing Thanksgiving holiday dinner which was held at the Wells Fargo Pavilion.

Among the families in attendance at H-e-B's FOS were the Vasquez family; left-to-right: Faith Vasquez, age 15, mom: Monica Vasquez and daughter: Zabella Vasquez, age 8. Faith attends Central High School while Zabella attends Belaire Elementary School.

Left-to-right: Meagan Morales, Tori Morales, mom: Maribel Morales and dad, Steven Morales. Tori has been with H-E-B as a cashier for a year-and-a-half.

“We’re thankful to be here and to share with all of our guests at today’s Feast of Sharing,” said Shipley. Lynn stated that the wait time to be served was not long, evidenced by H-E-B was serving 3,000 meals an hour.

While the location for the FOS has been held at the Wells Fargo Pavilion for years, the newest member to the H-E-B family was H-E-B Store #2 as General Manager, Nick George and his store personnel, assisted Shipley and his crew. As for volunteers for this huge undertaking, Shipley stated that Bart Jennings, Volunteer Coordinator, reported there were 670 volunteers to assist; among them was Goodfellow Air Force personnel.

 “It is an honor for H-E-B to be a member of San Angelo and the Concho Valley.” "It's our philanthropy part of H-E-B, giving it back to the community,” concluded Shipley.

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