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SAN ANGELO – A community, law enforcement, and friends came to pay their respects to the family of Sgt. Freddy Dietz, Jr. as his funeral was held Thursday, November 9 at 11 a.m. at the Junell Center/ Stephens Arena.

"One moment does not define a person's life," said Most Rev. Michael J. Sis who eulogized a beloved son, brother, father, uncle, friend, community member and a fraternal brother of the San Angelo Police Department.

Sis went to say that there was more "to his (Dietz) life story than the moment of his death.”

Pastor Kirt Dauphin of Paul Ann Baptist Church ministered the gospel of Jesus Christ at Dietz, Jr.'s funeral.

Tomás Alvarez, sings Shepherd Me, O God, at the homecoming celebration of Sgt. Freddy Dietz, Jr.'s funeral.

 Tomás Alvarez, a member of Saint Mary's Church, ministered in music at  Sgt. Dietz, Jr.'s funeral. 

It was important to remember his full life, in all of his 53-years, not just that one tragic moment of his passing.” “Sometimes the pain and struggles that a person is dealing with, reach far deeper into that person’s heart than we are aware of,” said Bishop Sis.

After Sis asked the question, “Why are we all here this morning” he gave four basic reasons.

“First to give thanks to God for Freddy’s life. Second, to listen the message of our Christian faith. Third, to pray for the repose of his soul.” “And fourth, to look, where do we go from here.”

It was that fourth one where Sis stated that the healing process when someone tragically dies, begins by honestly getting in touch with our own feelings and expressing them. Some in attendance might be feeling shock, anger, sadness, confusion, emptiness. Sis told the attendees not to be afraid to tell God exactly how they felt. “Pray to God in honestly and He will respond to our prayers in His truth.”

“My brother had a special calling to serve this community and he did it wholeheartedly. He served this community with pride and love,” said Sandra Lomas, sister of Dietz, Jr. 

Lomas and her family, thanked a community that came to pay their respects at her brother’s funeral.

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