Jim Sánchez, Conexión San Ángelo 

SAN ANGELO – What do you get when you put out a spread with all the barbeque fixins, then add some good old Western swing music, beer, boots and bricks? That would be Heritage Park’s neighborly Texas invite to their Chuck Wagon Kick-off Party which took place Thursday evening at the Cactus Hotel.

Left-to-right, seated: Floyd Martinez, Michael Wheeler and Henry Schmidt, architect of Heritage Park.
Left-to-right, standing: Mona Wheeler and Martha Ketchum.

Patsy Eckert's mother was Marie Noelke-Baker. With Eckert is Adrianne Valles.

Lee Pfluger, Heritage Park Chairman, along with his wife, Candy Pfluger and other Heritage Park staff: Kara Barner, Stacia Hughes and Candis Hicks were hosts at last night’s Beer, Boots and Bricks campaign kick-off to raise additional funds for a brick campaign. Engraved pavers will be available in two sizes: a 4x8-inch brick for $500; and an 8x8-inch brick for $1,000.

Last month, Pfluger, with his staff, held a press conference to announce that Heritage Park would be built upon a caliche lot, located on the corner of East Twohig Avenue and South Oakes St;  HP will take up residence on that vacant lot in the summer, 2018.

Prior to the evening meal which consisted of brisket, potatoes, beans, onions, pickles, bread, tea and peach cobbler, the Shady Grove Band played. Some of the music was: Red Wing, Faded Love and Maiden’s Prayer.

Shady Grove Band consists of seven members of which two are husband and wife team: Gary and Charis Worden. Gary who plays the fiddle says Shady Grove has been together 10 years.

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