Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo / Jack Wilcox SAISD Communications Specialist, contributor

Photos courtesy of Wilcox, SAISD

SAN ANGELO – 24 San Angelo Independent School District campuses and 178 teachers converged in one central location, the Legrand Alumni and Visitors Center, as the San Angelo Schools Foundation held its second annual Grants to Teachers Awards ceremony, Monday afternoon.

Left-to-right: San Angelo Schools Foundation, CEO, Debbie Meads, SASF President, Crystin Darby and SAISD Director of Communications.

SASF President, Crystin Darby and CEO, Debbie Meads, were there to make the announcement to SAISD Superintendent, Dr. Carl Dethloff, staff and to the grant recipients.

“This year we received over 200 teacher grant applications and seven all-campus grant applications,” said Darby.

SASF awarded 159 teachers with grants, plus one all campus grant which was awarded to Lamar Elementary.

The first award given out--the all-campus grant for $1,000 went to Sharon Lane of Lamar Elementary. The grant money went toward the Spanish language program.

Since the inception of the Grants to Teachers program, the Schools Foundation has awarded approximately $427,000 in grants to SAISD teachers. 

With the help of the Schools Foundation grant money, SAISD teachers in all grade levels have found interesting and imaginative ideas for enhancing learning in core academic subjects, and the creative arts, in ways that inspire and motivate students.

This year’s 2017 grand total awarded was $54,189.41.

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