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SAN ANGELO – For the past four years, the Angelo State University Ram family has invited the community over to its house (campus) for a traditional tree lighting ceremony that, according to Mayra Rodriguez, has that "community feeling and how we all come together to enjoy something such as this."

Mayra Rodriguez, a student at Howard College, was at Tuesday's 4th annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony to enjoy the holiday spirit and family atmosphere.

Rodriguez joined a large segment of community members for its official holiday season with the 4th annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.

The lighting festivities got underway at 5 p.m. Tuesday in the Memorial Oak Grove, located next to the Mayer Administration Building, 2601 W. Ave. N. The official tree lighting started at 6:30 p.m.

ASU holiday festivity activities, included ice skating on a synthetic rink.

 A special Holiday Pops performance was provided by the ASU Symphony Orchestra.

Christmas Tree Lighting Program Staff, left-to-right: Front Row - Nadia Rodriguez and Hannah Marks
Bench – Heather Valle Brown, Alicia Flores, Santa Claus (Rusty Rogers) and Sheila Corcino 
Left-to-right: Back Row – Trang Nguyen, Nick Ellis, John David Perez, Victoria Galvan, Lacey Morris, Aimara Fierro and Dr. Clint Havins (Director of Student Life)
Photo courtesy of Santa Claus’ daughter

Left-to--right: Isabel Vasquez, Nubia Buendia and Janet Becerril, ASU freshmen.

Also in attendance were three ASU freshmen students: Isabel Vasquez, Nubia Buendia and Janet Becerril. All three were asked what their plans were for Christmas.

Isabel planned to go home which is Austin, Nubia was headed south to Brownsville while Janet, who is from Perryton, Texas, was going to meet her family in Denver, CO.

Old Saint Nick was spotted with two of his little "elf" fans at his winter, home-for-the-holidays haven, the ASU campus. 

Mayra, who showed up after the tree lighting was asked what she liked about the annual holiday event.

"The lighting of the Christmas tree (even though she was running late) and listening to ASU Symphony Orchestra play holiday music." "My favorite Christmas carol is the Nutcracker."

Myra was asked what her plans were for the Christmas holidays.

"I work at the YMCA Child Care so if we have a Christmas camp I will be there; if not then go home for the holidays."
For Mayra home is Sanderson, Texas.

Mayra currently attends Howard College where she is getting her pre-reequsites for the Radiology Department. 

As for her Christmas wish for everyone, "I hope everyone has the best Christmas they can ever have." "May God bless them with joy and being around family," she concluded.

Left-to-right: Roger Hernandez, granddaughters: Emmy, Sophie, Hartley and wife, Emma.

One other family, Roger Hernandez and his wife, Emma, brought their three, granddaughters to enjoy the family, fun-filled festivities.

The Hernandez stated they planned to spend the Christmas holidays at home with granddaughters: Emmy, Sophie and Hartley.

Emmy, age 11 and Sophie, age 8 attend Bonham; Hartley who is five-years-old, goes to Sierra Vista.

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