Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO– At this afternoon’s San Angelo Support for Veterans and Lone Star Warriors Outdoor Parade, a total of 22 former military veterans representing various branches of the military were greeted by a small contingent of community members who came to “stand” and honor their American heroes.

Colors Honor Guard from Goodfellow Air Force Base. 

Lt. Tisha Wilkerson, GFAB was among the contingent of community members who turned out to show strong support for former vets who served their country proudly.

Clady Bomer congratulated SST, Michael Mendoza, USMC for service to his country.

MSGT, James (Zak) Taylor was the lone Air Force veteran among the 22 veterans, representing the Army, and USMC.

The 5th annual SAS Veterans & LSW Parade was held at the Santa Fe Park as San Angeloans saw 15 Army veterans, six United States Marines and one Air Force veteran passed before them in golf carts driven by their assigned escorts.

The 22 former vets are also here for this weekend’s annual LSWO deer hunt, from Friday through Sunday which is held at a location somewhere near San Angelo.

In order of appearance, the following 22 servicemen were: 

o SSG, William (Scott) Hines-Army

o Sgt. Amos Benjamin-USMC

o SFC, Jeremie Oliver-Army

o E-5 (AGR) Robert Joseph Williams-Army

o MSGT, Raymond Boswell-Army

o Sgt. Nicholas Kemper-Army

o MSGT James (Zac) Taylor -Air Force

o Sgt. Chad Turner-Army

o SFC, David Wasierski-Army

o 1SG Glen Cooper-Army

o E-6 Bobby Kelly-USMC

o SSG Jason Sandlin-Army

o SSGT, Michael Mendoza-USMC

o CW2, Joseph Haynes-Army

o SPC, Christopher Abrams-Army

o CW5, Michael Yeager- Army

o Sgt. Derek Quintanilla-Army

o SFC, Richard Voss-Army

o CPL, Jase (Chris) Fierro- USMC

o CPL, Kevin Allen-USMC

o Sgt. Ryan Jacobsen-Army

o Sgt. Jacob Wilson-USMC

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