Jim Sánchez/ Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – “A pillar is a piece of the building that is responsible for supporting the structure and purpose of that building.” “Without one pillar, the building cannot stand.” Our community is much like that building, we need many pillars to support it,” SMD 3, Harry Thomas. 

Mr. Thomas, master of ceremonies, introduced five recipients who received an award from the Boys & Girls Club of San Angelo as it held their first “Pillars of Community” ceremony, Thursday evening, December 7 at the McNease Convention Center. 

The five who dedicated their time to make San Angelo a better place to live, were: Dr. Carol Ann Bonds, Texas State Rep. Drew Darby, Lt. General Ronnie Hawkins Jr. (RET), Bryan Horner and Scott Turner.

Dr. Bonds was the first one up to receive her award from Boys & Girls Club, CEO, Edward A. Lopez. Bonds was formerly the Superintendent of SAISD.

The second “Pillar of Community” recipient was Rep. Darby who received a second award, also. The Texas Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs selected Darby as one of its State Alliance Legislative Champions for the 85th Legislative session for his support of Texas Boys & Girls Clubs.  

Rep. Darby accepts his "Pillars of Community" award from B & G Club, CEO, Ed Lopez.

Lt. General Hawkins (RET) was the third recipient to receive his award. Hawkins is currently director of Ezra Vision Ministries, which conducts short-term mission to Haiti.

The fourth honoree, Brian Horner, former president of Shannon Medical Center & Shannon Clinic. retired a year ago, December 31.

And the final recipient, was vice-president of Time Clock Plus, Scott Turner. Turner has been at Time Clock since 1995.

“The five people who we honor this evening have each exhibited the knowledge, the skill and attributes that instruct and inspire the youth of our community to become successful adults,” stated John W. Caldwell, Jr., Chief Volunteer Officer of the Boys & Girls Club of San Angelo.

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